Sunday, 19 May 2013

Whimsical Monkey's Earring Swap Blog Hop!

I have had so much fun with the other Blog Hops I have participated in that when I came across this one, I just couldn't help but sign up :).  I was partnered with the lovely Nancy Smith, you can find her blog here: .  I wanted to do something I haven't done before, so instead of bead weaving someone else's pattern, I designed my own!  This is what I made for Nan:

I have wanted to try the new rizo and rulla beads, and finally was able to get some.  This was my chance, and I'm glad I took the risk;  I really like how they turned out!  These earrings are called 'Stella' and I was so happy with them, I even made a matching pendant.  Am currently trying to decide if I should write up a tutorial for them, what do you think?  They are made using rizo beads, rulla beads, delicas and drop crystals.

And in return, here are my earrings from Nan!  Aren't they gorgeous!  I love them Nan, thank you!  The ever-sneaky Nancy sent me TWO georgeous pairs of purple and silver earrings!  And purple just so happens to be my favourite colour!  We must have been close friends in a former life ;)

This first pair are made with Glass flower beads and Argentium ball headpins(made by Nancy) with the addition of matching seed beads from her stash. She  also made the earwires! 

And these ones she made with Sterling wire that she shaped into almond earwires and then coiled the same wire around the beads. The purple ones are vintage glass and the pink are dyed jade.

Thank you for including me in this Blog Hop, I hope to participate in many more!  For those of you still waiting to see my second piece for the BSBP 7, it is waiting in the wings for more inspiration, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it!

I apologize for the late post, but I was away for the weekend and didn't get the memo about the reveal  being back on until I was already out of town!  Any who, Jessica, I'm glad you decided to continue with it, and I'm sorry you had such a trying time with this.  I hope it doesn't deter you from doing this again in the future!

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  1. Hey, the deadline was the 20th, and you made it! All the earrings are wonderful. Everyone's in the hop have been very creative and I'm glad most of us stuck it out.

  2. Okay now that's just showing off! I am currently making my first beaded anything using a pattern and I am pulling my hair out! I love them though.

    1. You can do it Lennis, patterns of any kind are hard to follow at first, but just take it one step (sometimes one sentence) at a time and you'll get through it I promise!

  3. I love those wishbone style earrings you got from Nancy. I also love what you did, they are so unique. No, I will not be doing another hop in the future, but thank you for participating in this one :)

  4. Write that tutorial...those are wonderful! :) Both of you did a beautiful job!

  5. Love the earrings you made, Leah! And I love the ones you received as well! How fun!

  6. She sent you some adorable earrings. The first set just makes you feel like dancing. They remind me of little dancing legs. And I love the wirewrapping around the beads in the second set. Your earrings and pendant is awesome. She should absolutely love that.

  7. Love that pattern - how fun! People who can do stitching like that amaze me. Great earrings!

  8. Love the earrings you made for your partner. They are quite special. The ones you received are so cute and can be worn with so many outfits.

  9. Thank you for the stunning earrings. They are beautiful and I will cherish them forever.It was so much fun doing this swap with you. I will continue to watch your progress in the world of seedbeading and remain in awe of your talent!

  10. Those are lovely, I think it's fabulous you got to play with new beads and your own design :)

  11. I love your rizo set, so original - I have a pack of rizo and still don't know how to use them after 2 months!