Wednesday, 26 February 2014

New friends, new ideas...
I met a new friend on Facebook.  Her Name is Amy, and she owns the Bead & Glass Boutique in Pitman, New Jersey.  We have become fast friends, and seem to have a ton of stuff in common.  I took an idea that I had to Amy and she has run with it's sooo much fun!

I had been ordering a few things here and there from Amy's store, but there are so many more things I want!  I made a list of things that I love, need, or want.  Yes, it's a long list :)

Then I gave Amy a budget to stick to every month.  Now every month, Amy picks out a few things on my list (within the budget of course) and sends me a mystery kit.  The kit consists of things I want, need, or love, and come from my list, yes...but, I do not know what's coming every month :)  It's a like a Christmas gift for myself every month.  I love it!  I am currently waiting for my second package to be delivered.

My first package came in late January, and consisted of ultrasuede, glue (E-6000), some beautiful Shibori Ribbon, and some superduos in awesome purply colours.

So, some of these items I have used already, the others have been put away for future use, but all of them were on my list and I love them!  Amy has been so receptive to this idea, and I suggested she use this as a marketing tool.  She is marketing the mystery kits (after I receive them) on her stores FB page at

Every month or so, Amy holds an online sale on her FB page, and of course it's very VERY tempting to purchase new beads, they are all so yummy.  But Amy will take orders and mail them out quickly.  She is very good with customer service and is so easy to talk to.  I just my new friend!


  1. What a great marketing idea!
    Sounds like fun!

  2. I'm just now seeing this!

    You're filling my heart <3