Saturday, 24 August 2013

Summer Colour Surprise Blog Hop!

Hello Everyone and welcome to my *ahem* attempt at something new.  Yikes, terrible attempt, but nonetheless, I made it in time.  Lisa Lodge and Pine Ridge Treasures have hosted this blog hop (among many others), to stretch our creative muses and she always seems to want to stretch mine to its breaking

Alas, I have tried.  Lisa sent me polymer clay beads from Torie Sophia (whom I absolutely adore!) and some summer green faceted beads.  Love the colours...not comfortable with the big chunky beads.  I am but a lowly beadweaver and bead embroiderer, and these beads just begged for some big bohemian type of piece.  HA!  Again, I gave it my good shot and here is what came of it....

I hope you enjoy the hop as I know I am going to!  Thanks again Lisa Lodge for making me creatie something out of my comfort ya!

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